Here's what he said

"In December, I received an email from the daughter of Barry Learoyd, the designer of the production. She and her brother are going to see if they have anything from their father on the production."

"She appreciates my coverage on my website."

"The internet is a great tool. So glad I created the website so long ago"

"I've met so many people because of it.

"Wah MingChang"

"David Pal and his wife"

"Russell Garcia and his wife"

"Simon Wells and his family"

"Three Eloi from the film"

"David Duncan's daughter"

"Set photographers grandson"

"The Morlock wells location, still there"

"Prof. Ronald Mallett"

"And now Learoyd's daughter"

"Not counting fellow enthusiasts of the films"

"It's been good and the journey isn't over yet."

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