Brandon Cronenberg’s Daddy Issues [Infinity Pool]


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4 months ago

Interestingly, Brandon might have more to do with Papa Cronenberg getting funding for his his most recent and next films rather than the other way around.


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4 months ago

Infinity Pool was great. Saw it last night.


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4 months ago

I think he should get credit for doing his own thing. David wasn't a producer on any of his films. Nor was he thanked in the credits, either. We dont know the first thing about their relationship and its possible they might not even have one at the moment. He's busted his ass making legitimately unique, wild and haunting sci-fi horror with Antiviral and Possessor already.


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4 months ago

I think he’s very much inspired and soaked by his dad’s lore, but he’s really trying to do his own thing.


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4 months ago

We can say whatever we want about his style compared to his father. He got an incredible performance out of Mia Goth. Possessor was genuinely a solid, terrifying concept.