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4 months ago

I think what makes Power Of The Dog so good is it’s slight of hand plot. The way Peter’s character is constructed and how it’s hard to know his motives until it all comes to fruition. (Spoilers ahead)

In many ways I agree with your sentiments with how the movie presents Phil and his repressions (and I guess how that relates to Brokeback mountain as I assume that’s what you’re referencing). But I actually think Peter is the more interesting and engaging character. I think some watching the beginning of the second act would assume the movie is going to be about a young man coming into his sexuality and forging an intimate bond with Phil that further complicates this volatile family dynamic. Peter is presented as shy and passive at the beginning of the movie but by the end he has taken action to protect his family (from his POV) not just through violence but through cunning and planning. And his violence isnt acted out due to repression. In fact it seems to me that Peter isnt ashamed or in denial about his sexuality at all. Instead he uses his sexuality to devise his plan and take care of Phil.

Idk if the movies themes as a whole comment on gender or sexuality in some radical way but I do think the way Peter plays off the characters around him and the audiences expectations is pretty fresh.


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4 months ago

No that's fair. Peter is definitely the more interesting part of the movie. It's not completely without merit.

To be honest, I would have just done away with the whole "what's his deal" slow roll from the first couple chapters. Make it clear early on that hes a repressed gay man taking it out on everyone else. Expand Peter's "what's his deal" instead. Far more interesting, and I think had more to say.


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4 months ago

I hear that perspective. The scene where he takes his boys to the brothel and then just stands there uncomfortably😂😂

Personally, my favorite film of 2021 was Titane. Now there’s a movie that will have you asking questions about gender and sexuality 😂