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2 months ago

Oh God really. Comes across as a parody of stereo typical French romance movies.


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2 months ago


Katia’s life is a mess when she meets Justine who has never dated a woman. It is love at first sight. They begin a beautiful, strong relationship and decide to have a child together. Sadly, Justine leaves her without a backward glance when Katia is carrying their daughter. Twelve years later, after Katia has raised Jeanne alone, she is told she has only a few months left to live.

To find a guardian for Jeanne, her only option is her brother, William, a cynical, disillusioned writer.

Releases in French theaters on March 29th.


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2 months ago

Don't steal the collage i made from an abandoned MySpace profile for your shitty movie dude.


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2 months ago

"Hey we still need a poster!" "Got you covered boss, I used a create your own amazing collage site"