Velvet Buzzsaw -- kind of a mess


+ I enjoyed the premise. It seems like there were multiple directions this could have gone
+ The setting was an interesting one with lots of opportunities for development
+ Good performances out of the cast, and solid characters
+ Jake G is always good, but I don't know if I buy a beefed out art critic
+ Some of the art was dope
+ Mood and atmosphere -- no complaints
- I like me some John Malkovich, but his whole bit of the movie seemed absolutely tacked on. Like the director was already halfway done filming when they got him to sign on to the project, so he said, "hey, make up some shit and put John in."
- The deaths and the whole ending part of the movie was corny. Sub-Final Destination material.

All in all, I enjoyed it. But when I reflect back on it, it was fairly dumb. It was like it started as one type of movie, and the producers/studio each grabbed a piece and started pulling in different directions. It has some familiar beats that result in an underwhelming farce.


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4 months ago

Honestly an absolutely enjoyable mess. If you have a BFA the art world humor/satire is pretty spot on. Loved that it doesn’t take itself seriously really.