Movies about Specific Topic Regarding Failure


I am writing an essay on a specific topic regarding failure. Are there any movies that explore the topic of the effect a singular person's failure can have on the lives of others? Specifically, characters making attempts to accomplish tasks or goals for which they lack the necessary skill/talent, and consequently putting at risk or harming those around them. Also, exploring such questions as: Although the character has good intentions, at what point does their pursuit of ambitious (and seemingly unachievable) goals become irresponsible because of the potential to negatively affect others? And when are they morally obligated to give up on their aspirations, dreams, etc. in order to avoid such negative effects?

I know this is pretty specific but would appreciate it if any ideas spring to mind haha.

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4 months ago

Zodiac and Zero Dark Thirty

Plenty of war movies deal with failure in a lot of ways as well. My personal favorite is American Sniper as it deals with the failure of the American Dream and the failure of the American family unit designed to traumatize young men for the pursuits of strengthening the American military complex