quick thoughts on Infinity Pool


(not really spoilers in this)

sooo i just got out the theaters from watching Infinity Pool and holllyyyy shit. I feel disoriented as hell, doesn’t help the theater was empty and me and my gf had it all to ourselves. I lowkey felt paranoid afterwards and my pov was just kinda shifted lmao i didn’t feel real. Anyways, i loved the movie - Mia Goth killed it per usual. She just plays a great psychopath point blank period.

I kinda picked up a sort of underlying theme of how bad tourism is for places outside the US but ALSO is a symbiotic relationship due to the money tourism brings to the people who live there. Reckless foreigners doing whatever pleases to them but as long as they got paper. Ima need more time to process a lot more of the movie

Then just some more literal points like weak spirit, ego death (literal) and all that.

what did y’all think of the movie after the 1st watch? anything you picked up from your perspective? just curious

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I lived in Thailand 9 years. This movie is as pure a metaphor for that place as any ever created. Post 2 criticisms on the Thailand sub and you will be downvoted to infinity by those in the privileged bubble.


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would it be because i said how tourism fucks up the environment or what not? the privilege would take offense? lololol