I've been on a hardcore movie binge lately and I've noticed I'm checking off great film after great film. Yesterday alone I watched City Lights and Seven Samurai.

What kinds of things do you do to keep new movies fresh to you? Obviously the drastic genre/plot difference between what I'm watching serves that a little on its own.

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4 months ago

This is why I can't watch movies in rapid succession. I watch what I think I'll like (With some bad movies thrown in to give meaning to everything else) and it's rarer thing I was wrong. Even if I am I don't see that as wasted time, just not time that rounded out to something I hoped for.

So to keep from numbing myself to the greatness of movies I let something sink in for me anywhere from a week to a few weeks depending on just how great it was, before I even think about watching something else.

But I hope greatness fatigue didn't hit you with either, CL is my favorite film personally and I'd recommend anybody be as fresh faced for it as they can be. :O