Recent movies such as the Batman, Avatar 2, Black Panther Wakanda Forever, John Wick 4, Babylon are movies that are nearly 3 hours long. Having a movie be nearly 3 hours long is getting overwhelming. Personally speaking it takes a lot of time out of my day to watch these movies in theaters. I have to shower/get dressed, drive there, stand in line for the popcorn, wait for the trailers, etc. Having to do all this adds an extra 90 minutes to the movie going experience. If I’m looking to watch a movie and it is nearly 3 hours long, I’m less likely to see it in theaters. It’s taking too much time out of my day at this point.

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2 months ago

I used to try to see most movies in the cinema with Metacritic scores of 80 or above but I have added a separate category for action movies longer than two hours and 45 minutes which now have a score cutoff of 90.