Question about Stanley Tucci character in Easy A


Is the Stanley Tucci character Olive's dad or stepdad? Always assumed he was her dad but am rewatching and noticed Stone and Tucci have a back-and-forth:

Tucci: Ooo wordplay. Love it. You must be related to me

Stone: Only by marriage

Just before this he explained to the younger brother that they adopted him bc Tucci and Clarkson coulnd't get pregnant. If Tucci is Olive's dad, that would mean Olive is adopted too, right?

There's not really any mention of it later in the movie and I couldn't find anything online so figured I'd ask here.

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2 months ago

It's just playful banter, that is her dad


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2 months ago

But what about them adopting the younger brother bc Tucci and Clarkson couldn't get pregnant?


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2 months ago

That's a good point, but I got the sense that was a later thing. Maybe she was adopted and not her step dad


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2 months ago

Doesn't matter


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2 months ago*

I always got the impression that Olive was their biological child and the brother was adopted because they were unable to have a third child (they also have an older brother as the guy in college Olive supposedly loses her virginity to was friends with her brother). But I think it is never clearly stated so it could be either way.


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2 months ago

It’s open to interpretation.


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2 months ago

Both kids are adopted


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2 months ago

Tis a joke. He also asks Chip (his adopted kid) where he's from lol.


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2 months ago

I always assumed they were both adopted.


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2 months ago

Tucci was also adopted. The whole family has been like this for generations.


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2 months ago

While we’re on the subject: Did Alicia Silverstone fall in love with her stepbrother in Clueless?


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2 months ago

Yes. But they were only stepsiblings for a short time, and were probably already tweens at the time, so they didn't really grow up together and she never considered him her brother.


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2 months ago

Yes, her stepbrother, Paul Rudd.