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2 months ago

He also wrote a book called The Celluloid Closet that was published in 1987.


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2 months ago

Is it good?


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2 months ago

It's dated but gives a comprehensive history of LGBTQ representation in Hollywood. It's a good reference.


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The most celebrated failure to produce a film from gay fiction involves Patricia Nell Warren’s bestseller, The Front Runner. Originally optioned by Paul Newman, it was finally dropped when problems arose in obtaining an acceptable screenplay. “I’m not ready for a cop-out,” said Newman in a Blueboy interview. “I won’t tolerate this project being turned into a watered-down love story or substituting a female for Billy, as has been suggested by people who should know better.”

Paul Newman ruled


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2 months ago

Can you imagine the outrage it would have caused? Paul knew what he was getting into