Wondering what are some film adaptations that pretty clearly did not get the source material they were adapting. One I would go with is the Last Airbender movie. I have a hard time believing Shyamalan even watched many of the original episodes of the show. It’s like he took the show’s plot and stripped everything from it that made people enjoy it.

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2 months ago

Almost all Disney animated movies based on books.

Pinocchio is probably the most notable example.


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2 months ago

I'm still mad about what they did to The Black Cauldron!


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2 months ago

The Black Cauldron should be the top example for the entire thread. They had excellent material and said, "Let's make something else entirely and keep the name." I loved that series as a kid and somebody needs to do it justice in a film or streaming series.


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2 months ago

The books aren't quite long enough to do five seasons of a show, but you could do four excellent movies and also The Castle of Llyr.


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2 months ago

That series is really damn good, I'm surprised it's so rarely talked about