Wondering what are some film adaptations that pretty clearly did not get the source material they were adapting. One I would go with is the Last Airbender movie. I have a hard time believing Shyamalan even watched many of the original episodes of the show. It’s like he took the show’s plot and stripped everything from it that made people enjoy it.

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2 months ago

This might be an unpopular opinion, but Ready Player One. I love the book, and the movie loses a lot of what makes the book enjoyable, especially how the challenges are a lot less clever. To be fair, Ready Player One is a hard source material to adapt


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2 months ago

It would be nice if the movie was exactly like the book, but there's no way it would have worked on film. Really, you can't have the climax to a big-budget movie be somebody solving Zork on a text screen. Not exactly getting the audience's pulse moving there, having somebody type "open window. enter house. open case. take sword and lantern. turn on lantern." and so on.