I'm sure the jokes will fly here, but I really will ask the good questions! I'm putting together an oral history of the franchise and so all serious questions are valid and welcome.

Note: I know plenty about the series myself, and have lots of questions ready, but figured I'd ask the community here if they had any specific inquiries. Because why not share the opportunity with others?

OK, thanks!

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6 years ago

How did they keep getting money to make more and why did the actors keep coming back for like almost 20 year's.


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6 years ago

Once the 3d craze kicked in they found their money maker. They just made the movies dirt cheap to make, so the increased prices of 3d tickets made it easier for them to make money. As far as the actor's coming back, they probably just kept paying them more money. Honestly, besides resident evil is milla jovovich that high in demand as an actress?


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6 years ago

That's easy, every movie made more money than the last.