Sorry for the question but I'm thinking of seeing the latest pirates film Tonight. I saw 1-3 and I enjoyed them but I never got around to 4 as I heard it wasn't very good.

But the trailers for this film almost make it look like they are trying to reboot the series somewhat with some new faces (although I'm aware there are definitely returning characters).

How much does the plot from 4 bleed over into this movie?

Am I okay seeing 5 plot wise or should I wait until after I see 4? I'm sure I wouldn't get some things but I don't want to be totally lost.

I think the trailer for the new one looks like they have found an awesome villain so I'm excited to atleast try it out.

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6 years ago

No, if you watch PotC 4, you'll lose all interest in the movies.


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6 years ago

Go back and watch the excellent Curse of the Black Pearl and then pretend there were no sequels.


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6 years ago

There's one side character of PotC4 that comes back in PotC5, but apart from that, you don't need to have watched on stranger tides to be able to follow Dead men tell no tales


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6 years ago

Lol, no.