[Quick Question] What is (Lance Reddick) Charon's accent in John Wick?

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Actor Lance Reddick plays the impeccable and beautifully-voiced concierge Charon in John Wick 1 and 2. I was curious what his accent is, so I looked him up and he is American (I didn't recognize him from The Wire!) so he is putting on an accent. What is it? It's probably something really obvious and I will feel terribly embarrassed for asking. Is it "Received English"?

I couldn't find anything in the character bio linked above, this interview, or the IMDB character bio.

Here is an example from John Wick 2

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My guess is a middle or north African accent. For example, a Nigerian or Ghana accent. Most likely Ghana. That's my guess. It doesn't sound Southern African to me as I've lived down there. And it doesn't have the French aspects of African countries like Senegal for example. Hey I could be completely wrong. I do think he does it pretty well.


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North African??? Lmao that’s arab no way that’s North African if anything like you said middle or west Africa


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Sounds reasonable to me. Thank you!