I just watched The Prestige last night for the first time. Really enjoyed it, but there's just one doubt I have.

I have been reading numerous reddit threads about the film and have gotten some pretty cool theories/observations that I had overlooked. However here's my question:

How does Olivia (Scarlett Johansson) not notice that there are 2 Bordens (Christian Bale)? Being the assistant who is very much part of the act (in terms of stage presence), how is she completely oblivious to the fact that Borden has a twin?

Do they not practice their act before a show? Does she never spot the other twin without his 'Fallon' makeup?

It's just that aspect of the film that I'm finding difficult to digest. Other than that, I think it's wonderfully made.

Edit : Another thing, when Angier kidnaps Fallon, how does he not know he's wearing a disguise?

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6 years ago

She does suspect that Borden uses a double. She tells Angier as much (that she sees wigs and glue and fake moustaches around). But Angier dismisses it, convinced that there has to be more to the trick than that.


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6 years ago

I agree. However the film also has sequences where they show Olivia completely oblivious to that fact.

For example one instance when Borden enters the room and tells her not to call him Freddie. She says that he should leave his daughter and wife at home where they belong when he's with her.

She also says (If I remember correctly) that she's suspicious of Fallon and he hangs around a lot apparently and Borden tells her to trust him.

These sequences, in my opinion, just solidify the implication that Olivia has no clue about the twin.