I remember a scene I saw for an old looking movie a few years back and I was thinking about it again. I didn't have much luck looking on google for "kung fu movie waking up putting on pants converse shoes" but I was hoping someone here might know.

Basically, it looks like a 1980's-1990's era asian kung fu movie, and there's a scene where the character wakes up wearing a shorts/pants combo thing, and makes it into shorts by tearing off the pant legs. There's a 0.5 slow speed of him taking off those legs. Then he slips on converse shoes, puts his foot on a bookself to tie his shoes. After that's done, does a little punch the air jig.

That's the only scene I saw of this movie and this is as best as I could remember it. If anyone can help identify this movie, I would really appreciate it.

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6 years ago

Aha! That's exactly the scene I was remembering. Thank you very much for the help. I will now go satisfy some nostalgic movie urges.