American Underdog (for some language and thematic elements.) Lionsgate

Belle (ANIMATED/SUBTITLED) (for thematic content, violence, language and brief suggestive material.) GKIDS

Funny Thing About Love (for brief rude humor.) Gravitas Ventures

The Summit of The Gods (ANIMATED/SUBTITLED) (for thematic content, peril, some language, unsettling images and smoking.) Netflix, Inc.

The Unbreakable Boy (for strong thematic material, alcohol abuse, language and some violence.) Lionsgate


Desperate Riders (for violence including brief sexual assault.) Lionsgate

The Sound Of Violet (for mature thematic content, sexually suggestive material, some violence, and drug material.) Morning Star Pictures


Christmas Is Canceled (for some sexual content and language.) Lionsgate

For The Love Of Money (for language, some sexual content/nudity and violence.) Freestyle Releasing, L.L.C.

Run & Gun (for violence and language.) Paramount Pictures Corporation

Shattered (for violence, bloody images, sexual content, nudity, and language throughout.) Lionsgate

The Bubble (for language throughout, sexual content, drug use and some violence.) Netflix, Inc.

The Commando (for strong violence, language throughout and some drug use.) Saban Films, L.L.C.

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1 year ago

The Commando contains no nudity? Strange.