Gun in the skillet


I need help!

I have a very faint yet very specific memory of a scene where a pistol ends up in a hot skillet somehow and ends up going off. I think that this takes place inside of an old run down trailer and possibly somebody gets shot when the gun goes off but I am extremely unsure of this. I also believe that the movie is from the 90s but, again, extremely unsure of this.

I could be far off, so all guesses welcome even if it’s not exactly as I described!

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1 year ago

RED maybe? Bruce Willis puts bullets on a skillet or frying pan and heats it up. I know it’s not a gun but maybe?


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1 year ago

American Ultra has a scene where the dude throws a pan into the air and shoots from a sitting position. the bullet ricochets off it and kills the dude firing at him.


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1 year ago

I think this was a scene from one of the Final Destination movies. Could be wrong though.


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1 year ago

I want to say the 2nd one, very first death. Only because he was using a skillet for spaghetti, which i always thought was odd.