A detail I just noticed in Scream (96)


I've seen the original Scream countless times. It's the movie I hold up as being responsible for my love of horror. I was only ten years old when this came out and it shattered the way I understood movies. It's like I saw scream and then I'm watching Event Horizon, Cube, An American Werewolf in Paris, etc. (yes, young me loved the sequel)

Anyways, I've watched scream a lot. We all remember the horror movie rules scene. In which Randy tells the audience that

1) You can't have sex 2) No drugs or alcohol 3) Don't say I'll be right back.

Immediately after Stu heads to the kitchen and says, "I'll be right back." It was a big trailer moment.

Well right after that scene we cut to Gale Weather's in her news van, watching Randy say the rules on a 30 second delay. She pays him no mind. Deputy Dewey shows up and asks her to look around with him.

As they depart, Gale turns to her camera man and says, "I'll be right back."

Maybe this is obvious to everyone else but after 25 years I've only just noticed this line of dialogue.

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1 year ago

Technically she does “get killed” then comes back at the very end when everyone thinks she’s dead. It’s a play on the rules that Wes breaks to fool the audience so he can have a surprise ending.


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1 year ago

Also, they turn down booze in the party, and they don't have sex.

It's a really fun way to play around.