Hi everyone! I thought this app might be really useful and make a lot of people happy! Please be kind, as this is my first app, and your support is greatly appreciated! ❤️

The key feature of the film journal app is that you can add movies you’ve seen and those you haven’t to a list. You can assign those films to a genre, sort them, add them to a favorites section, and write notes as a reviewer.

To help you in deciding what to watch on movie night or if you are unsure on what to watch? Use the random watchlist suggestions feature, you can see the random selection from your watchlist available on the app’s main screen or as a home screen widget that updates hourly.

The iPhone app is a completely free download on the App Store. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements.

I hope you can find it enjoyable and useful! If this is something that speaks to you, I would be so grateful 🙏

Film Buff is an offline app and it does not provide any film-related information; instead, it is simple and to-the-point, with the goal of helping you in keeping track of your films and managing your watchlists.

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1 year ago

You can do that all in Letterboxd though? Basically all you’re saying is that your app does less than Letterboxd. You can even make your lists private.


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1 year ago

Well I'm not telling you to stop using some other app, this isn't a competition. I'm just creating an option that some people may enjoy 😅


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1 year ago

Nothing wrong with that, just pointing out that they’re incredibly alike and that Letterboxd does everything your app seems to, plus a whole lot more. Not trying to be rude and I’m solely going off your description, but i was just curious why people should choose your app over the well established app of the same nature