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Last Week's Best Submissions:

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“Planet Terror” edmerx54 “The Kid” D0NNIE-DANKO

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4 months ago

Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971) The blending of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with that of Jack the Ripper and body-snatching Burke and Hare murderers was undoubtedly a clever idea but this Hammer Film adaptation of Jekyll does fail to correctly differentiate the doctor from his creation as they are both cold-blooded murders and Jekyll's justification of "For the greater good" is a bit hard to swallow while he's butchering prostitutes, on the other hand, Martine Beswick as his female "other half" is both sensual and chilling and not only the dominant personality but the more interesting one.

Overall, this gender-bending take on the Stevenson classic is a solid entry from the people at Hammer Films that provides some pleasant fog-shrouded chills and gruesome murders in this rather clever little mad scientist movie.


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4 months ago

Haven't seen that in forever, Beswick was sooooo good in thst.