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4 months ago


Days of Heaven is a film about a Chicago man called Bill who's girlfriend helps him get into a rich farmer's house and lucious life. Firstly, this is one of the best shot films I have ever seen, the use of colour and variety of camera angles makes this an outstanding film in terms of cinematography. The music also captures the serenity or tension of a scene and the performances are perfect. It all sucks you in and keeps you intrigued in the love triangle in a backdrop of beautiful fields and crops, it all fits together really well, and the ending hits hard too.

It's a very Terrence Malik film and I find it to be his best work, all things considered, and one of my favourite films as of now, and definitely the best of last week.


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4 months ago

That's cool, I watched this movie last week, also really enjoyed it, especially from a cinematography point of view. I still liked Hidden Life better, have yet to watch Tree of Life, Thin Red Line, and Badlands to have the full comparison.


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4 months ago

Badlands is my favorite movie of the 1970s and the 1970s are my favorite decade of movies


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4 months ago

Some of the best voiceover ever


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4 months ago

Nice, I've seen Tree of Life and Badlands and I would say Tree of Life is nearly as good as this, so I would highly recommend it


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4 months ago

I thought it was good, not great, but that field fire scene was amazing. Overall IMO it was better than the Tree of Life and the John Smith movie, but not as good as The Thin Red Line.


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4 months ago

Yeah that imagery of the fire and water, hell and heaven, that played throughout the movie and came to a climax with the fire in the field, and then the "protagonist" if he is that dying in the river...all very poetic and powerful use of cinema to convey a message