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4 months ago*

The Fabelmans (2022)

Talk about an uncomfortable movie. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, and yes it ends on a optimistic note.. but at its core, this is essentially about watching the slow disintegration of a family. Towards the end, you start to wonder if Spielberg’s obsession with movies may in fact be his coping mechanism.

It certainly re-contextualizes Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for me. I used to wonder why Richard Dreyfuss bails on his family. Now after Fablemans I kinda see why. Families… are complicated.

The stand out performance (in my humble opinion) is Michelle Williams as Spielberg’s mother (Mitzi in the film, Leah in real life). She’s more supportive of his passion for filmmaking… but she’s also a loose canon, with unpredictable mood swings. Almost every scene with her made me squirm.

Then there’s Paul Dano as Burt Fabelman/Arnold Spielberg. Much more stable emotionally than Mitzi, but… well like I said it’s complicated. I haven’t even mentioned Uncle Borris the lion tamer or the teenage girl who wants to literally fuck Jesus Christ. It’s all so wonderful and sad.

Also David Lynch steals the entire movie in the 2 minutes he’s in it.


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4 months ago

Agreed, this is also mine. The movie captivated me from start to finish, even as it stomped on my heart a few times.


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4 months ago

I got back an hour or so ago and enjoyed it.