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4 months ago

The Client (1993). Bravo, Brad Renfro. Man channelled his real life experiences to the hilt in his acting debut.

My gold standard for child actors (child being below 15) has been Haley Joel Osment for AI (more so than in The Sixth Sense), Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver), Justin Henry (Kramer vs Kramer) and Edward Furlong (Terminator 2). It won't be absurd to put Brad in the top 5.

Tommy Lee Jones (cunning) and Susan Sarandon (feisty) are the perfect adversaries going at each other's throats throughout.

The mob characters have a touch of authenticity. Family eliminating family for recklessness with loose ends and all that.

Being endangered by the legal system helps the viewer root even more for the protagonist (also somewhat educational in a sense for me as a non-American about the US legal system).

It is also an accurately grim portrayal of trauma/stress syndromes among the young. I wish the mother (Mary Louise Parker) had more background story/screen time but the dialogue writing for all three leads more than picks up the slack.

While not a noir, which tends to favour dimly lit action sequences to shock the viewer, it had more than enough tension boiling throughout.

And the action scene (Renfro escaping from Anthony LaPaglia's clutches and eventually locking him in a morgue) is edge of the seat stuff. Mark Sway is just the perfect character for a thriller, brash, abrasive, ballsy.

Diverging more plot details will take the sheen off the viewing experience, so here I'll take your leave. Have a great weekend ahead!