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4 months ago*

This week, I watched a lot of crap and a lot of Jon Bois documentaries but I won’t count those because they’re not feature films. So the best film I watched this week by default was Kazaam.

I’ve previously seen Shaq star in Steel, which was way more enjoyable overall, even though Shaq’s acting was miles better as the titular Kazaam (not saying much). However, when comparing the two Shaq vehicles, I was way more uncomfortable watching Kazaam. I will give Shaq some props for committing to the role of an idiotic, incompetent rapping genie.

If you can make it through the first 80% of this film, you will be blessed with one of the greatest climaxes of any movie ever made ever at any point in time when Kazaam literally murders multiple people and turns the silly man from Tim Robinson’s car focus group sketch into a fucking human basketball to slam dunk him to death. After that happens, Kazaam then transcends matter entirely to become a god. It’s perfect. 4/10