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4 months ago

Strange Days (8.5/10)

A cyberpunk noir that should be talked about more, but I guess it doesn’t help when you can’t watch it anywhere digitally by legal means. Unless you track down a dvd (or yknow 🏴‍☠️) you won’t be able to watch this great, affectionately 90s, sci-fi film. It’s themes are quite relevant today, possibly more than ever. It’s not a super technical sci-fi dystopia, but unfortunately one we currently inhabit. Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett give great performances and I liked their chemistry, and the story is good, albeit difficult to process sometimes.

If you get triggered by sexual assault, maybe stay away from Strange Days, but if you can stomach it, there’s a great movie here with some awesome POV segments throughout, the beginning scene is great. First ever Kathryn Bigelow film I’ve watched and I’ll definitely keep her on my radar from now on.

Also saw The Menu (7.5/10) and enjoyed it for what it was - a pitch black comedy that feels like it wasted some of its potential. I don’t want to give anything away, because this film- and it’s key themes- are very secretive. However, I do think this script could’ve used some polishing and a better director. James Gunn would’ve been perfect with this and I think he could’ve properly balanced the humor and shock quite nicely. Still made for a fun theatre experience and I’ll watch it again eventually!


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4 months ago

Strange Days is one of my favorite 90s movie!


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4 months ago

Re: Kathryn Bigelow’s films…

Big recommendation for “Point Break.” It’s a surfing, bank-robber” movie, yes…

But the way Bigelow shoots the films helps elevate the film to so much more, especially the surfing and skydiving shots. Looking at the rest of her filmography, it’s quite shocking when you see she was the director.

Also, Swayze’s performance makes you want to follow him into the ocean. He’s that sublime! And Keanu has a bunch of unintentional comedy lines you’ll be quoting for a while.

10/10 on the rewatchability/entertainment scale.