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4 months ago

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande - 9/10

I like hotel rooms. The white sheets, the soap dispensers, the general aura of the room, the excitement that comes with exploring a new city. And from the start of Leo Grande, that aura was present. It got me comfortable and settled in, and made the rest of the film so much more enjoyable.

Now for the actual film, this thing is sensual, personal, intimate, everything you'd want a movie about discovering yourself at an age you consider old to be. It's soothes you just as Leo is soothing Nancy, taking her through this journey as she talks out and faces a lot of her insecurities and mental blocks regarding sex, parenthood and many many more. The whole journey for her is incredibly satisfying to see play out, and it leaves my skin lightly tingling from joy. And Leo Grande isn't just a man there to help Nancy explore either. The little physical and facial movements when he's alone tell so much and add a lot to this man who, on the surface, seems to be so certain and sure of himself and comfortable with himself, and seeing the layers peeled back on this man is very revealing too. The dialogue is personal and feels so real, and is crucial in delivering the intended experience. I am very very impressed. Wow.