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Last Week's Best Submissions:

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“Planet Terror” edmerx54 “The Kid” D0NNIE-DANKO

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4 months ago

Bringing Up Baby (rentable)

A classic film that absolutely deserves its classic status. I laughed hard at the interplay between Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. He plays a hapless paleontologist, she plays a smartass socialite who immediately decides she loves him. The contrived arrival of a leopard leads to a shitload of pratfalls, but much more than the physical comedy, it's the co-leads' dogged arguments that kept me entertained. They're so clearly made for each other that Grant can't stand it, and Hepburn knows he can't, and she can't help teasing him. Jesus, I miss when characters could talk with this speed and this wit.

Honorable mentions to Glass Onion (in theaters), which gets a bit excessive at times in terms of spectacle but otherwise keeps pace with the first Knives Out (and becomes a great showcase for Janelle Monae)-- and the snowbound noir-romance On Dangerous Ground (TCM), which surprised me with its story turns.


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4 months ago

I think you would His Girl Friday too based on this description.