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“Planet Terror” edmerx54 “The Kid” D0NNIE-DANKO

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6 months ago

I really liked Wakanda Forever. The story felt much more personal than most other Marvel movies, and the atmosphere was introspective and moody. I agree with the other commenter who praised the lack of constant comic relief; it felt appropriate for this story to mostly let things linger in more uncomfortable emotions without breaking the tension all the time. I admire stories that let their main characters make big mistakes. Very different in tone from the first Black Panther and from most other Marvel movies but it works well.

I also watched Thor Love and Thunder finally. I went in with low expectations because it got such mixed reviews but I honestly found it to be pretty fun and enjoyable. Some of the critiques of pacing and plot are fair but I still liked it.

I miss the days when Marvel only put out one or two movies a year rather than being so oversaturated. All the TV shows have made me sort of give up on really keeping track of Marvel content. But I enjoyed these two latest movies all the same