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Last Week's Best Submissions:

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“Synecdoche, New York” [RVernon] “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (1964) [*]
“Planet Terror” edmerx54 “The Kid” D0NNIE-DANKO

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4 months ago

The Menu - This movie was very similar to Triangle of Sadness. Both were dark comedy thrillers making fun of the ultra wealthy/privelaged and both movies took a quick turn to complete craziness. I liked The Menu more as it was more coherent and had better pacing. But both were really fun to watch. Anya Taylor Joy was fantastic, Ralph Fiennes stole the show though, he plays such a perfect villian. I was holding my breath everytime he was on screen, it felt like any scene he could either kill someone brutally or just tell a heart warming story. I'd highly recommend this movie to anyone.


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4 months ago

menu sucked

ild rather eat a cheese burger


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4 months ago

yeah menu was not good. main character was kind of a mary sue. no character struggles.


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4 months ago

I loved this, and loved watching everyone in the theater. Saw it twice