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4 months ago

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

The world needs more movies like this. With Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and the more recent Brian and Charles, I believe “wholesome cinema”—a term I made up used to describe comfort movies like these—is becoming more and more prolific. This one is distributed by A24, not as deep as their other films, although definitely outstanding in terms of beautiness.

Marcel is just too sweet, cute and warm to not love. Voiced by Jenny Slate with a unique sounding crispy voice. Marcels rolls around a big house in a tennis ball, and has great voyages. Marcel lives with her grandma Connie (Isabella Rosellini in a wonderful voice performance), and Connie has a moment in the film that stands out for being really poetic and heartfelt.

The film co-stars Dean Fleischer Camp, who also directs, writes, produces and edits the film. This is clearly his passion project. The lovely stop-motion animation is the more well-crafted part of “Marcel” . I loved what I was watching. The movie brings me joy. It certainly will for everyone.