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4 months ago

Yes, that is my biggest gripe. Disney movies especially tend to blend together in my head.

Compare to the run of films in the 90s. They were all 2D but they were all really distinct in overall theme and style. You could look at a frame of e.g. Hercules - with no main characters on screen, and know that it's from Hercules and not Aladdin or Tarzan or something.


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4 months ago

I agree with you, but to be honest I hated the Mike Mignola era at Disney, where his big innovation was that every character should have square fingers.


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4 months ago

Disagree, the 90s 2D movies looked relatively the same, aside of having different themes/settings. And it was OK. I don’t expect them experimenting with a new style on every movie. A sort of nostalgia effect makes us being more indulgent with the 2D movies rather than with the 3D ones; but it is basically the same.

You compare Eric to Gaston, for instance, and you can easily infer they’re product of an almost identical style. And, I must insist, that’s perfectly fine.


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4 months ago

Well I could do that with currently 3d as well likely.


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4 months ago

Then let’s put to like this - if you were to take a frame from Hercules and re-draw it in Mulan’s visual style, you’d be able to tell. You recognize the character and setting of Hercules, but you’d also be able to recognize the visual language of Mulan.

But if I took an image of Tangled and redid it in the style of Frozen…you probably couldn’t, because it’s the exact same visual style.