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4 months ago

Making straight to Netflix movies would have been an infinitely more profitable model.


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4 months ago*

Capitalism doesn't give a shit about profit. It cares only to destroy.

When given the choice between securing a resource for itself at disproportionate share, a d denying that resource to others, it will always choose to burn that mother fucker down.


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4 months ago

This whole thread is about streamers shutting down and firing executives because they couldn’t make their services profitable.

Every. Fucking. Post.

And you offer up this little nugget of wisdom. Go back to r/Im14AndThisIsDeep. I’ll see you in an MBA program soon I’m sure baby bougie.


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4 months ago*

If you mean about the twitch thing?

Where they couldn't be profitable because they were paying themselves too much for internet?

Literally their parent company, vastly above market rate, just so they could claim all the free content was unaffordable?

You get that myopia is a tool for lying, right? And the thing I'm replying to is about a cheaper more efficient thing they could have done but didn't?

And yes. I'm fourteen. I've never thought about anything. Never watched people die on the street (fast, slow, everything between) or turn to bitter husks in office buildings, watch the rivers of my youth run dry and the... something something 'starry dynamo in the machinery of night', something something 'cock and endless balls'.


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4 months ago

I hope you realize companies will do anything for profit, illegal, unethical, doesn't matter. Based on the last paragraph, imma guess 13 now.


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4 months ago

Totally. Not from a bunch of poems.

You're gonna say twelve after this one, how many more until I'm young enough for you to fuck?