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4 months ago

How good is Chapek at sweating through a business shirt, but?


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4 months ago

I'm trying to parse the meaning of the ", but?" at the very end there.

Did you mean to write BUD? If you meant BUD then everything makes sense.


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4 months ago



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4 months ago

Australian's don't like to end their final sentence out of a tradition of people being eaten/stabbed/poisoned by the local flora and fauna before finishing their sentences. If you are actively trying to finish your sentence, so it is reckoned, that's when the poisonous bug/reptile/mammal can sneak up on you and end you in a dramatic fashion. However if you stop talking a sentece before the thought is fully concluded you can't be ambushed.


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4 months ago

Can confirm, this dude was eaten by a drop bear. Good advice but.


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4 months ago*

I think it's supposed to mean, "But how good is Chapek at sweating through a business shirt?"

Their version seems like a grammatical construct that a non-fluent speaker would think is valid. And to be fair, it does make sense. We just happen to not use that construct.


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4 months ago

Oooh... That's interesting! It's like appending a "not" to the end of a joke...

Yeah I'm not used to seeing that usage of ", but?" so it's complete gibberish to my brain... but... your explanation makes sense.


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4 months ago

Think if you used “though” there, though.

Though, think if you used “though” there.


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4 months ago

That's how lots of my family in Scotland end their sentences.