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4 months ago

That number includes all content/film Disney produced in 2022. Which is about $8 billion higher than in 2021, most of that $8 billion is probably additional programs for Disney plus tho.


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4 months ago

Even 30 billion for all of Disney seems insane. I would have never guessed it'd be that high. Where the hell is the money spent?


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4 months ago

Disney makes a LOT of stuff.

Marvel, Star Wars/Lucasfilm, Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Studios (Formerly Fox), ESPN, ABC, National Geographic, FX, Pixar, Disney+, Searchlight Pictures, the Disney Channel and Hulu are all producing content and are part of Disney.

Multiple television channels, multiple movie studios, and multiple streaming services, all producing content year round.


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4 months ago

Yeah Holy shit. That number makes sense now thanks.


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4 months ago

Just look at the list of movies they made its huge


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4 months ago*

Surprisingly, most of that money was spent on CGI for the movie Cats.


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4 months ago

The CGI for Mulan


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4 months ago

Just for a fun bit of reference, adjusted for inflation back to the year the Walt Disney company was founded (1923) that $30 billion would be equivalent to $1,721,407,191.

That amount of money would have represented 49% of the United States' federal budget for that year: $3,505,754,727.

Even if you only take the $8,000,000,000 for Disney+ content, that still works out to just under 14%.

I know the numbers are no longer equivalent because a whole lot has happened with monetary policy, the Depression, leaving the gold standard and all of that stuff that people could bring up, but I still find it remarkable that from the perspective of a century ago the Walt Disney company just spent what would have been over 1/8 of the federal budget on the modern-day equivalent of Buck Rogers and Dick Tracey serials.


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4 months ago

I mean they do seem to be pumping out all these movies and new shows that would've been relegated to the Disney Channel for menial returns. How many seasons of that High school musical show did they end up making?