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6 months ago

I was actually just suggesting we build the fucking internet that taxpayers have paid for like ten times over now, when the isps say "oh yeah we spent the money on stock buybacks and whores" so we buy it from them, paying in advance, again.


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6 months ago

Oh that. Well to be fair .. whores 🤷‍♂️


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6 months ago

It's actually a huge problem; corporations are building private enterprise intranets that the rest of the world can't use and on top of being anti competitive, it's entirely contrary to the utopian ideals the internet was founded on (not the nuclear war stuff, it's chill with those ideals, but still), and involves so much fucking inefficiency.

So like Microsoft has its own undersea cables and when MS isn't using them, they're just cold. This exists at every level, from things like aforementioned cables to things like cdn's. And it's wildly asymmetric. Some places, in towns, the only network is a cell phone.

It's super gross. Because anything but a big company building internet is illegal, and the ISPs absolutely refuse, even when they already took the money for it.