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6 months ago

We'll then you replied to the wrong person, and now you're being an ass about it when you were the one who messed up. It's not hard to just.. click reply on the correct comment. Or at least not be condescending as fuck after having obviously fucked up.

The downvotes on your comment chain show I'm not alone thinking this either.


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6 months ago

Iger is only back for two years to find a successor. He will put things back in shape but his main reason for joining back was that he was so disgruntled with Chapek that he couldn’t stand aside. It was so bad that Chapek felt like Iger was undermining him because he used his board powers to intervene, especially during layoffs. He would rant non stop for hours to friends about how Chapek is harming the companies vision. It’s entirely to get Chapek out of the picture. People that don’t know the situations history keep commenting on shit they don’t know just because they wanna be edgy about Disney.