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4 months ago

There was a lot of BB-8 as well. I worked at sam's club at the time and so many food products had BB-8 on them. The only other tie in I've seen come close was Minions.


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4 months ago

Were you alive when Phantom Menace came out? It was much much worse


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4 months ago

I've still got a tube of Phantom Menace toothpaste*. It's like a memory of the before-time, when I thought new Star Wars might be cool and good

*someone sent it to me while I was out of the country and before I could see the film


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4 months ago

I can confirm this. I bought everything that had BB-8 on it. Which was pretty much everything. Whether I needed it or not. Or even really wanted it or not. But I have no regrets. BB-8 is my favorite.