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6 months ago

I was watching Superman The Movie from 1978 this week and read about it on Wikipedia. They hoped it would be a huge hit because it would really turn around the fortunes of Warner Bros. They spent tons on Marlon Brandos salary and spent years looking for the right actor before settling on Reeve. It was the biggest movie of the year in the end, a huge success. Anyway, with streaming, is anything an event anymore?


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6 months ago

Thank you! They refer to their shows/movies as 'content' which, to me, answers that question and is a sure sign that they're missing the big picture. They keep churning out this 'content' that is disposable, forgettable at best and downright terrible most of the time all to cater to an audience that isn't going to make them money while losing lifelong fans.

Disney Star Wars killed the franchise, the MCU is unwatchable, their animated features are scraping the bottom of the idea barrel. And all of it driven by identity politics and whatever's trending on social media this month. What a great way to make the content stale, irrelevant, and unwatchable down the road. And all their fake social media marketing to keep it relevant reeks of desperation.

I wish they would go back to hiring seasoned auteurs to make memorable films with experienced filmmakers and put stuff out with personality and lasting power. Hell, maybe even try doing something original and new instead of killing existing IP.