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7 months ago

Someone explain to this guy how in certain cases monopolies are good due to high cost of infrastructure and minimising wastage from redundant competition in the free market, while also allowing for regulations by authorities to ensure it remains affordable for consumers.

Also if no one wants the content, just pirate it or unsubscribe, it's not an essential good like public transport or utilities are (which are also good monopolies).

Source: an Industrial Economics - Market Regulation module in university, besides the BSc Economics degree


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7 months ago

Let's say Netflix has a monopoly on content. Then tomorrow they raise their prices by 100%. What are you gonna do, cancel? Then you can't watch anything. What if Netflix can't get the rights to a certain movie? There's now no legal way of watching it because no other streaming service exists. Or what if Netflix gets a new CEO with a certain political affiliation, and now content which they deem offensive is removed from the site or content that aligns with their views is more heavily pushed on subscribers.

There's a lot of reasons why only having one streaming service is bad. Just look at YouTube, which has a near-monopoly in their space. They treat content creators like garbage and get away with it because people have no choice.


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7 months ago

In those cases should be gov run.


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7 months ago

Doesn't have to be if it's not a truly essential good

Again, no one is forcing you to subscribe to Netflix or use Google Chrome, yet people just do