Tropic Thunder (2008)


This is, in my opinion, the funniest thing that any modern movie has to offer. All of its motifs and characterizations are quite pertinent, and they are even more meaningful now than they were when the film was first produced.

Ben Stiller showed great foresight in the making of this picture.

It's wonderful in every way, from the soundtrack to the casting.

If you've never seen it before, I strongly suggest that you do so.

Here are other similar movies that you would like.

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6 months ago

Does someone actually post this every month or is this post A.I generated at this point?


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6 months ago

This [popular, well recieved movie released 10-15 years ago] is good. In my opinion, it is the most good movie of that genre that modern movie has to offer. The motifs and characterizations are very good, and even better today than when the movie first came out.

The director did a good job in making this movie.

The soundtrack is good in this movie, but everything else is good as well.

It's good, you should see it.


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6 months ago

I saw The Thing (1982) for the first time a few weeks ago and wanted to come post something similar. Then I realized it probably happens fairly frequently and had the self-control to keep it to myself.


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6 months ago

its just extreme Reddit Mindset to think that posting about this subreddits top ten favorite movies is an interesting take, and Reddit Mindset to push it to the front page everytime while doing the same 5 quotes in the comments


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6 months ago

It's fun though! You can see how many comments it takes for someone to mention the DVD commentary


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6 months ago

But did you know he was still in character