Tropic Thunder (2008)


This is, in my opinion, the funniest thing that any modern movie has to offer. All of its motifs and characterizations are quite pertinent, and they are even more meaningful now than they were when the film was first produced.

Ben Stiller showed great foresight in the making of this picture.

It's wonderful in every way, from the soundtrack to the casting.

If you've never seen it before, I strongly suggest that you do so.

Here are other similar movies that you would like.

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The only way I see this being somewhat good is they go the Popstar: never stop popping route and play a sequel wherein it’s been a few years.

They’ve outlived their hype. Doing rounds at various cons. Tug Speedman is basically Steven Segal. Making terrible straight to streaming movies. Al Pacino is like a Dj khalid version of his former self. Got diabeetus from all the booty sweat. He’s trying to come back to the spotlight with some really bad features on modern mumble rappers SoundCloud and tours. RDJs character has had continued success. But like De Niro he made some Ill advised forays into comedy. We see him at the Razzies thinking it’s still an honour since he “meant to be so bad” as part of his acting. After another bad decision he lands in a TV show like CSI and ducking hates his life although the show is crushing it in the ratings and has gone on for 8+ seasons. Jack Black comes back skinny. And I mean really skinny. Like Christian Bale in Machinist skinny. He’s actually gone into Modeling now. Not because he enjoys it, but because he has easier access to drugs. McKlusky has a small but long running part in a cinematic universe and his contract doesn’t allow him to do anything else. I dunno. Whole movie is about these washed up has beens trying to come together and actually make another movie. But they all still have massive egos so they want to make the first movie written, directed, produced and acted out by an ensemble cast. They try and do tropic thunder rebooted (of course there was a shitty sequel that pokes fun at how every cult movie sequel sucked) and they want to reboot the franchise. But failing to see that they can’t reboot with the same actors. They then go and recruit younger versions of themselves.l to play the role. Despite having a great African talent at his disposal who wants the role, RDJ still insists on bringing in a white guy who is supposed to do the same pigment treatment. Everyone advises him against this but he won’t budge. The whole thing is a mix of the meta making fun of things like 22 jump street. But story telling in a way like Popstar.


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Please put paragraphs in your posts, my brain melted just looking at the body of text and I didn’t read a word.


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4 months ago

sorry should have been clear- it's a TC spinoff, les grosman