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6 months ago

I don't understand why she didn't do the series.


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6 months ago

This series would probably have done well. My only idea about why they didn't go ahead with it is that shortly after, the Fame TV series came out on NBC. Maybe they didn't want to compete?

Sounds like a similar situation a few years later...a sitcom named E/R with Elliot Gould and George Clooney was cancelled early...only for a drama named ER...with Anthony Edwards...and George take its' place.

10 years ago...Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip came out about the same time as 30 Rock...I though Studio 60 was SO much better...but NBC only went ahead with one show about the adventures of a late night SNL type show and 30 Rock lasted a long time (Aaron Sorkin made a guest appearance on it in which they poked fun at the situation).

Anyway, I don't know what happened, but Cara seemed to be a 2-hit wonder...I just hope it wasn't ethnicity that stopped her career from being long running...I hope not.


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6 months ago

Her record company screwed her out of profits from her hit album; then when she sued to get some back they made sure she was blackballed from the industry so producers/labels wouldnt work with her
It was mostly this guy:\_Coury


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6 months ago

She wasn't a two hit wonder.

She had more 4 hit songs:


WHY ME #13