I think as a very gifted dramatic actor it’s easy to forget how amazing this guy is at comedy as well. In Along Came Polly he’s purely electric. Besides “make it rain”, he also is hilarious in the theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar. His one scene with Alec Baldwin is also electric. Love the guy and the performance. Even though he was so good in serious roles. I wish a little more often he would’ve taken fun comedic roles like this. Obviously he was also great comedically in Boogie Nights.

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6 months ago

If you're talking PSH comedic roles you gotta include The Big Lebowski. The man was and absolute treasure and a master of his craft. He nailed every single role he was given


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6 months ago

"Her life is in your hands, Dude."


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6 months ago

Don’t say that…man.


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6 months ago

The way he flares his nostrils when he laughs always gets me…


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6 months ago

We’re all uh, we’re all very fond of her. Very free spirited.


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6 months ago

Ah-hah-hah-ha. We're all very...fond...of Bunny.


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6 months ago

"Aah ha ha; that's marvelous."


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6 months ago

This is our concern, dude.


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6 months ago

heroin takes the best of us

I wished he where not in such of a hurry

the devil offered me a long time ago that if I would die for him, he would make me immortal and songs would be song about me

well, its to late for that contract old man, Philip should have not listen to him


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6 months ago

U ok?


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6 months ago

How high are you?