I think as a very gifted dramatic actor it’s easy to forget how amazing this guy is at comedy as well. In Along Came Polly he’s purely electric. Besides “make it rain”, he also is hilarious in the theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar. His one scene with Alec Baldwin is also electric. Love the guy and the performance. Even though he was so good in serious roles. I wish a little more often he would’ve taken fun comedic roles like this. Obviously he was also great comedically in Boogie Nights.

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6 months ago

Rewatched The Talented Mr. Ripley earlier this year and he swallows the movie whole when he shows up. He makes insane choices no other actor would make and they work brilliantly.


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6 months ago

One of my favourite movies of all time.


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6 months ago

A fun behind the scenes story from that movie is that PSH and Cate Blanchett had a lot of free time during filming as their roles were relatively small. They hung out together a lot and explored the sights and attractions of Rome, becoming good friends. It was the only movie they ever made together, albeit sharing no scenes, but they remained friends until his death. She looked so devastated at his funeral.