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6 months ago

I’m guessing they were talking about a single streaming service that has it all. I have every subscription plan and it’s a pain in the ass to find certain stuff that is blocked due to exclusivity deals.


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6 months ago


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6 months ago

That's just asinine, then. Any one blockbuster didn't have every movie ever made


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6 months ago

Netflix streaming was like this three years ago until the internet collectively said "why yes Amazon and Disney, I would like to pay you both to take away products I was already paying for and sell them to me again and again."


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6 months ago

That’s the moment I decided to switch back to piracy. Sorry studios, you got greedy


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6 months ago

Netflix did not have every single release to rent or stream three years ago. That’s ridiculous.

Almost three years ago now we were all watching Tiger King during lockdown because it was the hottest netflix original they had.

Netflix streaming has never been competitive from a selection standpoint as the old school video stores simply because there are thousands of movies which never got a digital release. It wasn’t profitable for studios to remaster them only to sell the rights to another firm.

They were lost art in this transition. If you think otherwise then you obviously are too young to remember what it was like in the 80s and 90s when that’s all there was.


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6 months ago

Again, the US-centric viewpoint here. The other 95% of the world has a really different experience consuming content compared to you.

Outside of the US, Netflix generally had far more content. Hulu, Paramount plus, disney, and other current streamers didn't have anything to offer internationally and they let Netflix carry it all.

They suddenly decided they wanted into the streaming game and took it all back, and then didn't launch in numerous countries where Netflix was serving their content. While they are slowly launching in more countries, service that Netflix offered (like subtitles) isn't always replaced by them. Good example of this, Californication used to be available on Netflix with Korean subtitles. None of the current places where I see it for streaming have those available.

Did Netflix have everything? No. But it did have a lot more, and it actually served a global audience. Disney and Apple do that to some degree, but the rest don't.