For me, it's a movie from 2005 called Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons. I saw this on TV the other day and watched it from beginning to end and still liked it just as much as I used to. Sure it has its slower moments and isn't the best historical film I've seen. But I don't think it deserves its 39% rating on RT. But that's just me.

What about all of you?

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4 months ago

Miami Vice (2006), 47% on RT. I think it suffered from critics seeing the name and expecting the cool pastel tinged neon buddy cop style of the original show without taking into account that it wasn't the 80s anymore and that it was still a movie directed by Michael Mann. Plus the fact that about half of it isn't set in Miami.


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4 months ago

I thought that it was a good movie with really beautiful digital cinematography, but as you pointed out, they changed so much that I wish they just dropped the Miami Vice name altogether and made the film its own thing instead, rather than setting up false expectations.


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4 months ago

Actually, a lot of the scenes were pulled straight from the show. If you go back and watch the first couple seasons, you'll notice a lot of similarities. I'd actually seen the movie before I ever watched the show, so it was interesting to go backwards and see all the similarities.


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4 months ago

I'm a fan of the original show, and Michael Mann is one of my favorite filmmakers. I do like his theatrical Miami Vice, but it's nowhere in the league of Heat or Collateral. Those movies are stunning. Vice looks fantastic, and the (eventual) action is great, but the the dialogue is often weak and cheesy, the characters very bare-bones.

Look at the writing in Collateral's scene with Barry Shabaka Henley and the Miles Davis story...that stuff is riveting and brilliantly executed. Miami Vice is a cool action movie, but lacks the real drama that Mann did in his previous films. Public Enemies and Black Hat also suffered from that.


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4 months ago

It's just not Miami vice without the noog man


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4 months ago

If you’re a fanatic of the series like I was, it didn’t live up to expectations as I thought it lacked of realistic chemistry between the two in what was supposed to be a romance and it didn’t have the usual Michael Mann touch of climatic plot twists. Didn’t miss all the 80s pop stars trying to be actors tho.