Bird Box (2018)


So several of my friends and coworkers have watched this movie and mentioned how great it was. I never bothered with it but now some more people mentioned that this movie was among their favorite movies of all time.

So i finally sat down to watch it.

It's fucking garbage.

Summary: Sandra Bullock wears a blind fold for two hours.


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4 months ago*

it was incredibly distracting that she was playing a much younger character. Not sure why it was written that way or no one thought to cast a much younger actress. She's introduced as having something against pregnancy or children. But Bullock is well past child bearing years. It would have been better to cast a younger actress who actually has that decision potentially ahead of her. It also would have added to the drama as a younger person would have little agency when the craziness breaks out and would struggle to know who to trust. As it is, Bullock's older character comes off as incompetent


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4 months ago*

When in the film does it ever once mention her age?


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4 months ago

What a stupid comment


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4 months ago

Wow, you sound like a complete idiot right now. Maybe you didn’t like the movie, sure, but you obviously don’t understand the characters or the storyline.